Salient Features:

Restrict Transaction Limit : Based on the spending needs, customer can restrict the daily limit of the debit card through ATM & POS/e-commerce transactions. The default limit of the card is the existing default limit set by Bank.
Restrict Channel Type : To eradicate risk, customer can restrict the card use in any of the channels or in all channels like ATM, POS & e-commerce. Based on the restriction, transaction initiated from the particular channel will be restricted. As per the need, customer can enable the same.
Restrict Usage Type : Based on the need, customer can disable/enable Domestic & International usage.

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In case of any difficulty, call on our all India toll free number 1800 274 0123

  Valid Debit Card should be linked to the Account.
  Debit Card should have made atleast one transaction since activation.

Security Note :

  Bank will never ask userid/password/personal details by email/SMS/Phone
  Do not respond to such fraudulent emails/SMS/phones.
  For entering Debit Card Pin only use Virtual Keyboard.
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